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what is a swppp?

SWPPP stands for storm water pollution prevention plan. These plans are created to help site operators comply with specific local regulations related to controlling pollution from any type of water run off. Oftentimes, a SWPPP is required for a construction project or an industrial facility that has the potential to discharge polluted run off.

when is a swppp required?

A SWPPP is typically required for construction projects and industrial facilities that have the potential to discharge polluted run off. There are many criteria that can help determine when a SWPPP is required, such as all construction projects that disturb over 1 acre in California are required to develop a SWPPP. Oftentimes, a similar plan could be required if the project is under one acre, these are typically referred to as water pollution control plans.

do you offer other stormwater planning solutions?

Sure we do other plans (ex. WQMPs, erosion control drawings, sediment basin designs, etc. please email us for more)

where do i get the wdid number?

The Legally Responsible Person (LRP) must electronically submit Permit Registration Documents (PRDs) prior to commencement of construction activities in the Storm water Multi- Application Report Tracking System (SMARTS). PRDs consist of the Notice of Intent (NOI), Risk Assessment, Post-Construction Calculations, a Site Map, the SWPPP, a signed certification statement by the LRP, and the first annual fee. Once these components have been submitted and are deemed complete by the SMARTS system, a WDID number will automatically be emailed to the LRP.

do all projects need to submit an annual report?

Annual Reports must be submitted by projects that are enrolled under 2009-0009-DWQ for more than one continuous three month period. The Annual Reports will be submitted electronically in SMARTS. Annual Reports are due to the State Water Board on September 1 of each year with a July 1 through June 30 compliance year.

most common acronyms

  • LRP – Legally Responsible Person
  • SMARTS – Storm Water Multi-Application Report Tracking System
  • NOI – Notice of Intent
  • NOT – Notice of Termination
  • SWPPP – Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan
  • WPCP – Water Pollution Control Plan
  • QSD – Qualified SWPPP Developer
  • QSP – Qualified SWPPP Practitioner

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